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Tonia O. Alabi

I start my writing with an expressed appreciation for all who have been working for the good of the Child with Special Needs and providing support for their families.

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Steve O. Alabi

Imagine being unable to learn your ABC until the age of nine, not being able to read until the age of twelve, and remaining a slow reader throughout your life. Would you believe that a President of the United States had these characteristics?

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By Kayode Ogundamisi 

So, I had been Dyslexic without knowing, without support and faced the challenge in Nigeria. There will be a child in Nigeria now in my position; a parent yet to identify a Dyslexic child. How we view and treat dyslexia and other related issues in Nigeria needs to change. We cannot keep applying the 'Koboko' solution if a child shows slow signs of progress in school.

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Our Focus


We organise programmes that aim at enlightening stakeholders in charge of raising children and persons who would be confident in their display of potentials and God-given talents.
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Assessment & Evaluation

We are able to arrange for relevant practitioners to carry out assessment and evaluation of a child’s intellectual ability as well as that of the workforce. 
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Parents & Schools Support

We organise seminars, workshops and activities that educate the parents and educators on various developmental issues affecting the industry.
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The Dream: Inspire Vocation & Entrepreneurship Centre

The Centre is conceived to be an all-inclusive skill acquisition vocation and personal development centre. Anyone who desires to learn a vocation and/or develop entrepreneurial skill especially children and people with mild physical or mental/learning challenges.

This has become necessary because we found out that we are in an age of inclusion. Most private vocation centres rarely want to accept students with challenges or learning difficulty even as we are in an age of inclusion in the education sector. 
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How can you be involved?

People get involved by helping to spread awareness, raise donations and volunteering their skills.

Wouldn't you consider being a partner? 
Our partners support all our programmes or specific programmes. Your support will ensure that more people can benefit from our services.

The running of our programmes rely solely on the generous donations of people like you. Your donations make a world of difference in the lives of others.

Make a real difference in the lives of others! 
Your God-given talents, skills and referrals are very vital to the smooth running of our programmes.

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